Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data 

  Matthias Nutt 
Aufsessplatz 6
90459 Nuremberg / Germany

Tel: +49 - 911 - 439 50 40

Date of Birth: 22. Nov. 1969

University Studies 

10/1989 - 09/1990 Part time studies of mathematics with minor computer science at the University of Hagen (Germany)
10/1990 - 03/1998 Studies of computer science with minor medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany)
07/1995 - 03/1996 Pre-master thesis: "Coarse dialog tracking in Verbmobil" 
(Using semantic classification trees and n-gramms)
04/1997 Finished oral exams for "Diplom Informatiker" (equals master of science) 
Subjects: pattern recognition (major), operating systems, algorithmic languages and medicine (minor)
08/1997 - 03/1998 Master thesis: "Detection of accents and their use in recognition of dialog acts" 
(Using neural networks and n-gramms)
  Overall average grade: 1.8 (good)

Work Experience 

07/1990 - 09/1990 Praktical work at the Weserbergland-Clinic in Höxter (Germany)
05/1995 - 08/1995 Student research assistent at the chair for pattern recognition (Prof. Niemann)
07/1995 - 10/1995 Assistent at company VOBIS-microcomputer GmbH
08/1996 - 11/1996 Student research assistent at the chair for pattern recognition (Prof. Niemann)
05/1998 - 08/1998 Intranet-job at company KURZ GmbH (Fürth, Germany)
10/1998 - now Research assistent at FORWISS (Erlangen, Germany), Occasional jobs for ConSors


1976 - 1980 Elementary school in Dalhausen (Germany)
1980 - 1989 Municipal high school in Beverungen (Germany)
1989 University entrance qualification (overall average grade: 2.0 (good))

Military Service 

06/1989 - 08/1990 Trained as telex operator in Pinneberg (Germany), later based in Borgentreich, German Air Force (Germany)

Stay abroad 

Summer 1984 School exchange with a school in France


  German (fluent), English (fluent), French (fair), Latin

Programming languages and operating systems 

  C, C++, Perl (also CGI), Pascal, UNIX-shell-script, Tcl-Tk, HTML, JavaScript, UNIX, Linux, Windows, OS/2, DOS, LaTeX, XML, Apache-Web-Server, Networking (Linux in Sun-LAN), Firewall, Memory Leak Tools (Purify, MPatrol), DBase, SQL


  Music (playing guitar)

Nuremberg, August 2001
Matthias Nutt