About me!

I am ...

"Diplom Informatiker" (equals master of science) and I am working in the field of natural language processing and automatic speech recognition at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany). 

My major during my studies of computer science was pattern recognition, esp. automatic speech recognition and prosody. In this field there is no patent remedy for a given task. Every job needs to construct special solutions for the inherent problems. My work experiences as student assistant researcher, during my studies and master thesis at the chair for pattern recognition  require this ability to do the job efficient and good.

I additionally focus on the classical computer science subjects operating systems and algorithmic languages (programming languages and their compilers). As minor I choose medicine. After serveral years of working in Unix-environments, I am familiar with Linux (Solaris, HP-UX), shell scripting and programming.

I worked for the company KURZ GmbH to expand my knowledge about HTML and JavaScript and quality management. I my spare time I sometimes work for the internet broker ConSors.

Matthias Nutt