Emotion in Speech examples

1. Human Speech

The Hindenburg crash

The radio broadcast of the Hindenburg Crash (or the airborne Titanic):

The recordings of the radio broadcast have been used for emotion detection.

Emotion in speech project

A sample from the emotion in speech project

2. Synthetic speech

Examples from KTH, Sweden

Klick on the faces to hear them speaking in swedish. The english translation is "The summer holiday starts late this year."

Examples from Janet Cahn generated by the affect generator 10 years ago:

She has more examples on her web page.

The ModelTalker (University of DelaWare) .. is speech synthesizer, which is online. Here a examples:

Game playing and facial expression

You can find more examples of synthesized emotional speech on the web page of Felix Burkhardt

more information about emotion in speech

Nov. 1999, Matthias Nutt